Cuma Teknetas, CEO of ACT Translations and Roghmal Alami, CEO of NEOSTARTER

Why on-target translations are the key to success for startups.

NEOSTARTER is a matchmaking platform for the international startup ecosystem. Since January 2021, NEOSTARTER has provided an online portal where startups, investors, experts and companies around the globe can network to accelerate their business success.

ACT, a language services provider with 30 years of experience, delivers quality content in virtually all the world’s languages for its customers. The company maintains a pool of highly qualified translators. ACT works with this international network of over 6,000 native-speaker translators, each specializing in select fields, to meet the needs of clients in the…

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There are some topics about Effectuation that raise similar curiosity among entrepreneurs and corporate people alike. In this article I address the 5 most repeated questions I have being asked in effectuation trainings, webinars and lectures I have delivered over the past three years.

For newbies: Effectuation is a logic of thinking for making decisions under uncertainty. It has been discovered through research and it is known that expert entrepreneurs used it. Effectuation is based on four principles, which I go through in this other article.

The top five questions:

1. Can effectuation also be used in companies? …

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“Everyone has a plan until a pandemic hits them in the face”.

The unexpected emergence of the COVID-19 and its uncertain consequences is making managers to turn their attention to entrepreneurial tools…those where linearity and prediction are not the protagonist any longer. Leaders equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset are not just more prepared to deal with uncertainty and to increase the likelihood of their organisations to survive. They can also step up to help others in need. When it comes to face uncertainty, Effectuation is the tool par excellence. So, What’s Effectuation?

Effectuation is a logic of thinking for decision…

Grammarly + NEOSTARTER

Do you have to send business emails for your startup, but end up with grammatical mistakes or typos? Grammarly is an online tool that lets you check and proofread the content. Why should you think of using Grammarly for your startup? Multiple integrations are possible for the powerful tool including Gmail, Outlook, Messenger, browser extension to make sure all your content has no mistakes.

Think of Grammarly as your grammar assistant giving you recommendations for your text content. Grammarly can help you improve your content skills in multiple ways including

  • Grammar: If there is a grammatical error in your sentence…


On 21 January 2019, NEOSTARTER made its first appearance to the public. NEOSTARTER is a digital matchmaking platform to connect startups with relevant investors and experts. After a year of hard work, and a lot of effort by the team, we came up with a solution that can help startups find investors or experts/mentors who match with their requirement.


We connect startups, investors, experts and corporates to help each other reach their goals.

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